Thursday, March 26, 2009

Second Day with Emily

The day started with French class and then Emily was supposed to meet me there after... however, due to over sleeping and a bad sense of direction, Emily got lost. So we did not find each other till much later. Once we found each other, we went and ate a butter and sugar crepe.... amazing as always. And then we went to the David LaChapelle exhibit. Then we went to a grocery store and had a night of catching up and eating cheese and bread on my bed 

Emily's first day in Paris

Emily arrived in Paris bright and early at 7... and we went out right away. We were determined to see as much as possible in this first day. So we went to Saint Michel and saw the Notre Dame. Then we went to the Louvre... after that though, we realized how tired we both were, so we went back to my room, after eating some french bread, and passed out. After a nice long nap, we went back out. First, we went out to eat some oriental cuisine. The we went to Chatelet, walked around, and then we made our way to the Eiffel Tower. Overall, it was a very successful day of sightseeing and having fun. 

Fontaine Saint Michel
Notre Dame 

And then we went to the Louvre


African Art 

Bird lady

By the Louvre

Le Chat Mort (The Dead Cat)


This was near Chatelet... where we walked around for a bit checking out the Parisian night life and whatnot 

Boar was excited to be traveling in Paris 

On the metro... so close to the Eiffel.... 

And then we finally ended the night with the Eiffel Tower :) 

Abbesses Station

These are photos from the inside of the station. We had to climb a super long spiral staircase but it was worth it for the beautiful art on the walls. 

Another Day at Montmartre

The cafe from Amelie... which was unfortunately under construction. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Being Sick

It seems that my immune system is too weak to stand up to all of the Parisian germs. I have been ill for about a month now. I saw a doctor, but he was too rushed to actually do any good. I hear that many of the doctors here are like that. 

The reason why I am blogging this story is to get to this funny story that happened to me yesterday. I was so sick and exhausted that I fell asleep on the metro... standing up. It was full rush hour and people were all around me and I was there completely passed out, in deep sleep, leaning against the wall. I am glad that I did not fall over. I never thought that falling into such a deep sleep while standing was possible. 

A Random Art Gallery

A Woman Sitting in Shear

Art on Trash

Heart of the Ground
(It was beating) 

Construction Destruction

A Cozy Dinner

More Photobooth

An old photobooth

It was broken, so we took our own. 

Mexican Food in Paris!

It does not exist... so, we made our own. I made the pico de gallo, Ileasa made the guacamole, and Alex made fajitas. It was a very comforting and delicious meal that was far from Parisian food for a change.