Saturday, January 17, 2009

At a nice restaurant... trying new things

The Wells students all went out to dinner together just to end our first week in Paris with a great meal. I figured that since I am in Paris, I am going to try new things as often as possible. So, last night, I had duck for the first time and it was absolutely delicious... it melted in my mouth. I also had wine with my meal... which is completely different, seeing as that I normally do not drink wine, and I normally do not drink with meals. For dessert, I also had some things that I had never had.... I ordered the berry mouse which ended up being fresh whipped cream with tart little berries on the bottom (mmm...). There was also a meringue type dessert covered in caramel, which was also quite tasty. 

The most French thing that I tried last night was a snail. So, of course we took a picture of it. It was cooked in this pesto garlic sauce and it was literally still boiling when it got to the table. It was fantastic! I had to have another :) 

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