Saturday, January 17, 2009


Beautiful and extravagant! Lots of expensive stores... a great tourist site. We just walked down the street because it was right next to the museum where we were at. While we were there though, we found a wonderful money exchange place that had good rates... something that is hard to find in Paris. The place was somewhat hidden and was completely empty, but I am glad that we stopped in. 

I also finally got to go into a Monoprix. They had told us about them, but I didn't get the chance until today. It is a store that is similar to Target, but had a nicer and larger selection. And the best part about it was that EVERYTHING was on sale. This is because the wonderful sales that go through january and some of February. From what I can gather, all department stores and even high end fashion stores put everything on discount. When I was at the Monoprix things ranged from 30 to 70% off. I am still truly amazed by this. 

Closer to night fall, all of the trees light up.... you can somewhat see it in this photo

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