Sunday, February 22, 2009

French Cinema

When it comes to French cinema, there is not much to it. You mainly just have American movies with French subtitles... But at the same time, there are a lot of little independent little theaters that play movies sorted by director. I found this one below by just walking around. This one was only playing Coen Brothers movies... which is so awesome! 

I also went to some of the regular theaters to see some box office hits like The Wrestler... which was not as good as some people said it was. It was strange having the French subtitles at the bottom, too. 

Other than seeing cinema, seeing plays is a great thing to do in Paris... however, if you do not understand the language, it is probably a good idea to stick with a show for children. I went to the theater and saw Dothy et le Magicien D'Oz (The Wizard of Oz). It was hysterical because it was so over the top and ridiculous in every way. French cinema seems to be the same way. It was fun though to see the musical and to see how different the story can be in a French musical. 

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