Monday, February 2, 2009

Random Weekend Walk

I decided to go on a random walk through Paris just to see what happened. I got off at a random stop, took pictures and got back onto a different metro. I ended up going back to Montmartre, which I think is my favorite area of the city. 

There were these guys everywhere that were making bracelets for you for donations. I tried to escape, but I am really not good at that, so this guy ended up making a bracelet for me while it was tied to my finger... a great method so that you cannot escape. Then I showed him how much money I had and he said I could have it for free. I didn't even have a full euro on me, haha. This is a picture of a guy who got stuck in the same situation as me. 
Overall, it was a very successful random walk. If you are ever in Paris, that is really the best thing there is to do in this city. You always meet new people and find fun things to do. 

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